Australian Fusion Welding

Australian Fusion Welding, a subsidiary of the Murphy Pipe and Civil Group, has developed, and possesses extensive experience in the delivery of innovative fusion welding services. Our company’s unique welding solutions have been tailored and packaged in a way no other welding company has ever conceived before, thus providing clients with a leading edge.

We provide:

  • Full suite of products and services related to HDPE welding.
  • Total poly welding system incorporating information gathering through in-field observations and electronic data acquisition.
  • Development and delivery of comprehensive poly fusion welding training.

Australian Fusion Welding has developed a team of fully-trained, experienced and competent managers and supervisors who can deliver on client commitments. Possessing one of the largest fleets of Fast Fusion machines in the world and coupled with our large fleet of McElroy Fusion machines, our superior analytical services and industry experience provides clients with total welding packages that deliver efficiency and a leading edge over competitors.

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