Dalby Removal Homes

Dalby Removal Homes are experts in working with developers, brokers, home owners, investors, retirees and first home buyers in buying and selling removal homes specialising in Queenslanders and Colonials. Key personnel have over 26 years of experience in demolition, renovations and removals of old homes and are only too happy to share their extensive knowledge in particular pointing out the potential of the home to clients.

We provide:

  • Buying and listing of removal homes.
  • Connecting clients with their dream home with sales advice ranging from purchase price to relocation, design and renovation costs.
  • Connecting clients with professional and experienced removal contractors.
  • Connecting clients with the right people to help them through the council approval.
  • A comprehensive, easy to use website for tips, hints and information about purchasing and renovating a removal home.

The Company’s focus on minimising environmental impact means that it is constantly seeking out new and improved ways of recycling materials from demolition of older homes as well as negating demolition through removal and renovation options. This commitment offers a substantial contribution to deforestation and 100% supports a positive ecological impact, not only locally but on a global scale.

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